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Independently build your website through Odoo's Website Builder so you can effectively showcase your offering and convert visitors into customers.




 The open source configurator makes it possible to build websites in a flash, configurable for both computers and mobile devices .
It makes building web pages easy and dynamic .


Instant design of your website  
Build your website like a real expert, without the need for expert knowledge. The building block-based structure makes it easy to design a website that is perfectly suited to your business.
Ready-to-use themes and design
Choose from a wide range of pre-designed themes and modify them as you wish. Thanks to Odoo's Artificial Intelligence, you will receive intelligent design proposals. In addition, you will have access to millions of royalty-free photos and illustrations.

Powerful back-end
Already integrated apps allow you to manage sales, inventory, marketing, and events. Apps are ready-to-use and increase effectiveness of website management.

Ready-to-use marketing solutions
Take advantage of already integrated marketing solutions such as chat, social integration, push notifications, and web campaign tracking.


 A comprehensive, intuitive, and easy-to-use e-Commerce platform.
Get started with your business now and manage everything through Odoo's End2End solution.


Intuitive and easy
Thanks to the predefined block structure, it is easy to create impactful pages without programming knowledge. It only takes 4 simple steps to go live.
 For any type of product The e-Commerce is ready to use and allows you to sell any product, adapting to your needs and offering a powerful and flexible configurator.
Multichannel strategy
Connect your online store with other sales channels in a heartbeat. Odoo's integrated apps make it easy to manage payments and shipping.

Reach the right targets Create a strong market presence with SEO optimization and mobile-friendly stores. Keep track of who you reach with the Analytics tool.


A blog as functional as it is flexible . Let your creativity flow with Odoo's open-source blog .


Content marketing
The prettiest blog does not serve its purpose if the actual content becomes secondary. Focus on creating quality content instead of struggling with complicated back-end platforms and post uploading difficulties.
Engage your visitors
Make your blog experience interactive and promote sharing and comments on posts. It is easy and immediate to share content on social media platforms.

Smart call-to-actions
Get your visitors to return to your blog and increase its traffic with smart call-to-actions. Collect your visitors' e-mail addresses with the smart newsletter registration pop-up.​

Works on any device 
Today's visitors and customers access websites and blogs not only from computers but more and more from mobile devices. Odoo's blog is responsive and adapts perfectly to the needs of the target audience.


An open-source platform for staying in touch with your customers and gaining valuable 
information and insights
within your community.


Stay in touch with the community
Increase website hits through forum discussions. Improve SEO search engine optimization by creating rankings for different keywords and publishing new content, produced by your community.
Customer support
Help your customers more effectively and quickly and let them ask questions and find solutions quickly. Save time, effort, and money by engaging both your community and your employees.

Increase participation
Motivate your community with incentives to keep content relevant and participation active. Achieve this by rewarding the most active contributors and creating a moderation system based on Karma points to reduce spam.

Share and collaborate with clients
Predict customer needs and use this info to promote collaboration. Use Google Analytics to track topics of highest interest and encourage conversations. Become an expert in your industry and enable media sharing.


Assist customers in real-time and offer immediate support to visitors .


In real-time
Chat in real time with website visitors to convert them into leads and customers. No need for a specific server, everything is done through your website. Offer help to customers a quick and easy way.
Targeted communication
Choose your audience and provide a chat for a specific purpose. Customize the service for your customers and website visitors by subdividing them and offering the appropriate language and tone for a better experience.

With Odoo you can chat from any module and keep conversations open to perform several tasks at once. You have access to all of the information you need to provide your customers with accurate answers.

Quick answers and default responses 
Improve customer service by easily collecting their opinions through ratings during live chat conversations. Respond more quickly to frequently asked questions using customizable default answers.


Create and manage e-Learning courses and modules directly from Odoo and monitor participants' progress.


Intuitive interface
Your lessons are ready to really shine with an easy and engaging interface for you and your students. With access to over 1 million high-resolution images, your content will be all the more compelling.
Engage students
Engage students with quizzes, points, badges, and Q&As. They can also help each other and level up faster. This leads to improved attention and concentration and higher levels of critical thinking regarding the topics discussed in class with your students.

Assessments and certifications
Boost active learning with automated assessments and certifications. Odoo e-Learning calculates scores, gives feedback, provides certifications, and rewards learners through points, badges, levels, and prizes.

Real-time reports 
Advanced reports provide real-time data visualization, tables, and charts to analyze courses, students, and revenue. You can customize metrics and filters to produce specific results such as pivot tables or groupings.

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