Odoo apps make it possible to facilitate all steps for more effective marketing.

A comprehensive marketing app family that helps you deploy your marketing strategies faster and easier. 

Why choose ODOO?

An integrated suite of tools that cover all major marketing activities and allow you to manage everything from a single platform. It enables end-to-end management to optimize marketing strategies, improve efficiency, and achieve effective results.

Integration with websites and landing pages
Odoo offers full integration with websites and landing pages through its website creation and management module. You can use Odoo to create custom web pages, publish content, add images and videos, and manage the layout and design of your website.

Qualified assistance
Odoo offers expert assistance through online documentation, its community, and technical support. Documentation includes guides, tutorials, and best practices. There are discussion forums and user groups for support and advice. Technical support is available through support tickets, online chats, and by phone to solve specific problems.

Multichannel marketing strategy
Odoo manages websites and content, automates marketing, tracks campaigns, and integrates with social media. You can create custom pages, automate workflows, track campaign performance, and manage social media.

Lead generation
Odoo allows you to create custom contact forms and place them on your website or landing page to collect visitor information and generate leads directly within the system. This integration enables consistent and optimized management of online marketing activities and lead generation.

Dedicated for your business 


Independently build your website through Odoo's Website Builder so you can effectively showcase your offering...

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An app system that will allow you to deploy your marketing strategies via social channels, e-mail, text messages, and events...

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