An app for everything

A fully integrated application system for managing human resources processes (hiring, evaluations, leave, attendance, and employees).




Software that allows you to manage your employee information, and receive alerts for leave requests, assignments, evaluations, and more .


Activity tracking
Keep track of your employees' effective work hours, sorting them by project, client, or task.
Leave management
Monitor employees' vacation or sick days and approve or deny leave requests.

Recruitment process
Create a job portal for posting open positions and keeping track of applications.

Give your employees the opportunity to collaborate and interact with each other via chat and propose new challenges and goals to achieve.


It simplifies the hiring process , from candidate search to setting up a contract.


Application management
Create a job board and create a skills database for each candidate.
Tracking open positions
Index all information (CV, motivational letter, etc.) and respond using templates or customized emails.

Personalization of recruitment
Thanks to the Kanban view, you can customize the stages of the hiring process: pre-selection, first interview, second interview, negotiation, etc.

Integrated documentation 
View all completed application documents and forms directly in the Documents app at any time.


For quick and easy management of your employees' vacations or absences .


  Vacation tracking 
 Employees will be able to enter their vacation or leave requests, and managers will receive approval requests entered by employees so they can approve or reject them. It will be possible to have a complete overview of the entire team's leave for accurate work planning.
 Different types of leave 
Managers will be able to configure different types of leave, which employees will choose according to their requests, for a more organized leave management.

 Creating reports 
Create reports for each leave request with details by request type, employee, department, or for the entire company.

 Managing requests Offer employees the ability to record their vacation requests, and you will receive an e-mail notification for each new request.


Reward your employees' commitment by creating ratings to assess their performance .


Set up
By being able to set up periodic evaluations, employees will be able to have constant feedback on the progress of their work and will always be motivated to accelerate professional growth.
Through the creation of surveys, you will be able to collect employee responses and manage different types of evaluations.

Use existing survey templates or create your own, add questions, and modify them for each stage of the assessment.

Create assessment plans with specific timelines to automatically generate interview requests.


Increase recruitment in your company by using fun referral programs for your candidates.


Job posting
Share available job positions by e-mail or through social networks.
Candidates will be able to earn points for each referral and follow the progress  of the recruitment process.

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