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Rapsodoo academy

Rapsodoo Academy is the gateway to comprehensive, highly specialized training, combining the decades of experience of Rapsodoo's founders and employees with
a passion for the Odoo world. A training program with different degrees of depth to strengthen your knowledge about the Odoo Enterprise digital platform.
Rapsodoo considers training of primary importance and supports the growth
of its staff, stakeholders, and customers by promoting and organizing digital
and IT training courses. 

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of the Rapsodoo Academy!

Rapsodoo was created with the goal of promoting and educating people
about Odoo in all its facets to make the best and unlimited use of it. 

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Membership Silver

By enrolling in the Rapsodoo Academy you will become a "Silver Member" meaning you will be able to enjoy free functional and technical content in the form of live online courses, e-learning courses, and workshops.
You will also have the opportunity to be selected to attend one of the corporate courses organized monthly by Rapsodoo and usually reserved for "Gold Members."

The Rapsodoo Academy is aimed at industry specialists who want to keep up to date, to companies who want
to get a general overview and learn how to make the most of the potential of the Odoo Digital Platform,
as well as young IT and engineering management graduates who see Odoo as a new job opportunity.

Registration is free, so what are you waiting for!

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Membership Gold

The entire Rapsodoo Team is part of the "Gold Member" category.

As mentioned before, Rapsodoo considers training
to be of utmost importance and supports the growth of its staff.
Therefore, we organize monthly courses and workshops
on specific topics reserved for "Gold Members."

With the goal to promote constant professional growth,
each Gold Member may propose a topic to be covered
and developed either independently or in collaboration with a senior figure. 

Rapsodoo is continually growing, so the most deserving
"Silver Members" who participate in the technical courses may receive a job offer and become "Gold Members."

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Why did we choose
to become
Odoo partners?

Odoo is an open-source business app suite that is all about equipping the customer with everything they need for implementation.
At Rapsodoo, we all work passionately on the constant implementation of the software so much so that to date we are among the 5 Italian Gold Partners of Odoo as well as among the leading Odoo partners in Europe.

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