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 Applications that facilitate the effective maintenance of business accounting records even in multi-company settings, the recording of payments, and the management of expenses of different business teams. Accounting in Odoo supports more than 50 countries and enables the generation of a wide range of financial and accounting reports.




An app that allows you to manage accounting from a single platform. 

It simplifies and speeds up accounting processes with an intuitive interface.


A one-stop dashboard
A single dashboard for every accounting action that enables faster process management. Automatic synchronization of bank feeds and available monitoring tools make everything more accessible and trackable.
 Faster payments
The customer portal enables easier management of payments and automatic reminders if follow-up is needed. The platform supports all popular payment types (Stripe,, Ogone, PayPal, Adyen, Alipay, and many more).

 Intuitive tools and reports 
Everything you need to receive and manage reports, compare data from specific periods, and prepare government-compliant accounting analysis and documentation. With one click you can access detailed data and export everything in xsl format.

 Fiscal localization
The Italian localization package includes a standard chart of accounts tailored to current regulations. It includes all taxes required for compliance with government laws, Intrastat and EC Sales list. It also includes VAT clearance and DDT.


Managing contracts and timesheets and creating recurring invoices so that payments can be expedited.


 Sales analysis
All key information in one dynamic dashboard that allows you to manage and perform sales analysis quickly and effectively.
Simplification of accounting  Track paid and outstanding invoices, and merge all bank accounts by importing bank statements to better manage all accounting processes.
Faster payments
Online payment management via PayPal, Ingenico, Buckaroo, Stripe,, Atos Worldline, or Adyen. With automatic follow-ups, you can manage billing quickly and easily.

 Turning quotes into invoices
Automatic invoices based on the following parameters: sales orders, delivery orders, contracts, and required materials. Allows you to create invoices with ease and professional design.


The easiest and most intuitive way to manage employee expenses in one place.


Quick expense reports
Manage travel expenses, office supplies, and more in one platform. Approve or reject requests in one click and keep track of related invoices.
Upload receipts and invoices
Receipts and invoices can be uploaded from mobile devices to make the process simple for both employees and the manager. The expense log keeps all invoice receipts in one place.

Team expense management
An overview that allows management to keep track of all expenses related to their various teams. Don't lose track of costs and manage expenses effectively.

Divide the workload 
Divide the tasks to be done among employees, managers, and accountants to create a faster and more efficient workflow and save time and resources.


The digital signature is the easiest and most secure way to sign and approve documents online .
Odoo allows you to do this in an instant and with an unlimited number of users .


Quick and easy signing
Increase productivity and make all workflows involving approved documents smoother and faster. Also, request signatures from third parties and keep track of document status.

Paperless document management
Eliminate traditionally printed documents and thus reduce costs and errors while also saving time. Check that documents are signed and completed directly from the digital file.

Safer than ever
Encryption ensures that signatures are valid and secure, limiting access to those who are authorized. Digital signatures in Odoo comply with EU Regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS) and the US ESIGN Act. They meet the requirements for electronic signatures in most countries, ensuring compliance and validity.

Security at every level 
Streamline workflow from sales and operations management and human resources and employees to taxes and accounting activities. Improve customer relations and onboarding processes, as well as taking care of accounting and contracts.


 Transform your business into a paperless organization and speed up the management of invoices, contracts, and other documents.
Make document approval and internal sharing faster and easier.


Renewed DMS
Efficiently manage scanned documents and share, send, and archive them. Create customized business documents such as receipts for suppliers, tasks, and product sheets for corporate production.
Save resources and time
Managing documents manually takes time and entails additional costs. Using a centralized tool saves time and money, making automatic document creation and editing indispensable for every business.

Make workflows more effective
Collaborate with colleagues and accelerate all shared document flows. Work on documents directly with other resources and apply digital signatures.

Collect and organize your documents 
Access documents shared with the people in charge and request signatures, contributions, and more directly on the Odoo platform.


Keep track of your data and calculations and easily visualize, categorize, and update everything .


Real-time forecasts
Create projections and calculations of commissions in real-time to get an overview of every situation and time frame. Discover your company's potential and whether or not you are on the right track.
Analyze and visualize data
Quickly create analyses of data collected in the past, present, and predictions of the future. With visual representations made on Odoo, they will be more expressive and easier to share.

Keep data up to date
Spreadsheets automatically update and add data entered in your apps. Finally, there is no more need to export and add them by hand.

A complete overview with filters 
Don't go searching for data and categories, with Odoo you can filter your data and find what you need straight away. Use the predefined filters or add your own.

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