The future of Digital Transformation!

 The pace of business is becoming increasingly fast-paced, and workflows need to adapt by becoming faster in execution, easy to use and implement, and completely codeless! 

Rapsodoo and Odoo offer a single value proposition.
Rapsodoo being recognized as Gold Partner is a certificate of assurance for our customers. Odoo, which stands for On-Demand Open Object,
is the digital cloud platform that meets all your business
needs with a single, cost-effective and modular solution.


The management software that's right for you! 

Already many companies have turned to us to manage their businesses through Odoo Apps. To date, the software provides over 3000 applications, including CRM, HR, and project management modules. 

Our task is to implement such Apps to make business processes fast and responsive to your every request. 

One software, many Apps!


We strongly believe in equality and a people-based approach.

 This includes creating long-lasting values for our team members and customers, as well as offering flexible working solutions. A healthy work-life-balance is fundamental for building a strong community and leaving room for creativity and initiative. 

Be part of the family, and of a bigger picture.


Combining both our skills and values, we put emphasis on sustainable and transparent work, enable co- and smart working options, and offer office spaces that are both modern and functional. 

Our international team brings a variety of competencies to the table and allows Rapsodoo to achieve ambitious short- and long-term goals together with our clients. Through continuing education and training, we want to build a company that solves problems even before they arise and offer a 360° service for everyone.

Our culture, our rhythm across

It is our mission to create harmony through teamwork. To shape every single member of the team into a harmonious melody in a 'non-hierarchical organization, we have developed an inclusive, collaborative, proactive, and creative mindset, which is also reflected in our approach to our customers.


We tuned on your
Business Needs

At Rapsodoo, we have specific apps for specific needs that cover every business area and integrate with each other to increase business productivity and accelerate Digital Transformation.

Like notes in a music sheet, Rapsodoo combines the best apps to help you craft a melody in tune with your business.

What makes our approach to software implementation so unique?

After years and several implementation projects, we have learned that what is really valuable for the client is not to have a costumed software. Our implementation method is very easy and is based on few principles fully embraced by the Odoo philosophy.

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Need to manage your customers without losing track?

We have designed a simple and quick customer service dedicated to our clients. Our portal includes a section for opening and managing tickets, allowing you to classify their level of urgency, and to assign due dates.

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Our Experts

Navigating change can be a challenging task.

That's why we support companies at all stages of the journey, supporting them with teams of experts in different business areas. 
From the preliminary impact assessment in the company to ongoing support during the implementation processes.

We go further by providing support even and especially during the tuning phase of new features to harmonize them with the dynamics of daily business flows.

we are

Rapsodoo is one of Odoo Europe's leading partners focussing on large and middle enterprises. It consists of a team of senior entrepreneurs and investors with the vision to build a unique, inspired, and focused international group of younger entrepreneurs and smart talents.

Odoo Gold partner

Our company has developed certified experience, skills, and knowledge on the Odoo platform over the years. We manage to satisfy every business need through our agile structure and the experience that distinguishes us from our competitors.

Our References

Rapsodoo is one of the Odoo Europe's leading partner with focus on large and middle enterprises.
It is made by a team of senior entrepreneurs and investors with the “crazy dream” to aggregate other younger entrepreneurs
and smart talents to build a unique, inspired, focused and funny International group.
Rapsodoo has 100+ talents distribuite between Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Germany offices.

Across Europe

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Where We ARE


Via Joe Colombo 6, 20124  Milano (ITALY)


Via Aurelia, 547 - 00165 Rome (ITALY)


Gerichtstraße 23, 13347 Berlin (Germany)


Mauerkircherstrasse, 22 - 81679 Munich (Germany)


Via Canova, 15 - 6900 Lugano (Switzerland)


 Paseo de la Castellana, 79 - 28046 Madrid (Spain)


Via Ipazia, 2 - 39100 Bolzano (BZ)

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